Redimo offers a service which guarantees a qualified mechanical engineering and service, so that the forging machines which are still under production fulfil the technical requirements based on the specification of the product. Accuracy grade of the parts and productivity of the machines, connected with a flexible setting-up system, are the requirements for an economical production.This is a basic condition in order to be competitive in the international competition. Expertly rebuilt and modernised presses are the basis for the reaching of the given parameters.

Case study: National 56 2D/3B press

The National 2D/3B-press was inspected through Redimo in America and bought after a positive decision of the customer. Based on the result of the inspection we specified the range of the general rebuilding together with our customer.

During the rebuilding the machine was equipped with a new SPS control system type Siemens S7-300 and with a combination of oil pan and sound insulating cabinet. Besides the general rebuilding we developed a new concept together with our customer, so that he has the possibility to use the machine as warm and cold forging machine.

In this context the machine was equipped with a modern induction heating system as well as with a transfer and die block cooling system to protect the machine against damages resulting from forging temperatures up to 300 °C.

This concept has enabled the customer to produce parts from high tensile material.

Beside this concept the machine was equipped with a forging capacity monitoring system on the punch side, a pneumatic brake system and a modern tool lubrication system which makes it possible to use lubrication oil in case the induction heating system is switched off.

The combination of the above described systems provides to use the machine as flexible as possible, either as cold or as hot forging machine.

Of course the machine corresponds to all guidelines according to the CE-certification.

If you have a similar or another case, we would be pleased to be at your disposal at any time.

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