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Professional rebuilding and modernisation of a Hatebur AKP 4-5 cold forming machine

The procedure of the rebuilding starts with  the consultance to the customer at his  plant. The machine and all components are  completely disassembled, power-cleaned  and degreased to  allow a close inspection. The rebuilt and modernised machine is  comparable with a brand new one  according  to the  CE regulation.

The scope of delivery for the Hatebur AKP 4-5  included the following

  • Replacement of the frame supplied by Hatebur
  • Remanufacturing of the ram guidance
  • Flywheel shaft repositioned including clutch and brake discs
  • Crankshaft reground, main bearings replaced
  • Connecting rod bushes replaced
  • Ram measured and repositioned in the frame
  • New lubrication and pneumatic system installed
  • Machine equipped with SPS control system and according to the CE regulations

The listed items only represent a part of the rebuilding of the machine. Contact us in case you are in the process of rebuilding one of your cold or hot forging equipments!


Professional rebuilding and modernisation of a Sakamura BPF-540 multistage cold forming press, built in 1991

In addition to the rebuilding of the Hatebur AKP 4-5 the focus laid on the Sakamura machine – besides the rebuilding – was modernisation.

In addition to the brand new electrics S7-300 PLC make, we replaced seven standard motors – five motors for the ejector stroke adjustment, one for the length stopper and another one for the feeding length – by modern servo motor systems. We changed the support for the servo motors and integrated the system into the machine control. Nowadays, a tool data system makes it possible to recall all tool information requested to minimize tool setting time.

A blank stopper has been designed for short blank parts or tapered shafts such as ball joints. A transfer camshaft with hydraulically actuated transfer cams has been designed for this machine.