Repairs are also part of our service.

On the photo, you see a forging ram of a 4-station cold forging machine.

After our customer informed us by phone, we jointly decided to transport the ram to our plant in Willich. From the outside, it looked at first as if the ejector shaft of the third station was broken. Through thorough inspection, our technicians identified the whole damage. After consultation we were able to replace within short – besides the standard parts – the guiding bushing of the punch knock-out of the first station, the shaft of the punch knock-out, the toothed segment and the ejector shaft of the third station.

After installation of the spare parts and adjustment of the forging ram in our plant, the ram was transported direct by truck back to the production side of our customer. There the maintenance department of the customer remounted the ram on their own.

This is only one example for a repair. For sure, we also execute such repairs at customer’s site – if it is possible and reasonable – always depending on economic efficiency and feasibility. We are well prepared to take such decisions together with you.